Sunday, July 11, 2010

I'll Post...Later.

I am such a procrastinator! Why is it that we put things off? Even those things that we enjoy doing or are important to us get put off. I think one reason is that we get so bogged down with the little things in life: the paperwork, the errands, the housework (well ok, I can't really be accused of that one because my house is trashed 90% of the time!). We get caught up playing computer or video games for hours (After a year I gave up my FarmVille, Cafe World and, finally, Mafia Wars because I wasn't getting anything done).

It occurred to me today that it is possible that all of those mundane, 'safe' things are just excuses not to step out of our comfort zones and maybe, just maybe, really accomplish something amazing.

Our days are numbered. We don't know what tomorrow will bring. We need to have a sense of urgency about us. A sense that we need to be amazing RIGHT NOW, at THIS MOMENT. There are opportunities out there: people we need to connect with in a meaningful way, passions that need to be followed, differences we need to make in this world.

I began Yoga Teacher Training in February of this year. My assignment from last Monday was to create a new sequence for this Monday. Well, it's Sunday and I'm just getting to it today, Sunday. Why? I don't know! I did not feel creative and then I felt the weight of the assignment upon my shoulders which made me feel even MORE uncreative which made me avoid the exercise...on and on and on, 'round and 'round and 'round. Once I started it, I was having fun and the creativity returned as did my energy and sense of lightness.

We spend our time putting off the important things and then we feel bad about it which makes us put it off even more and the next thing we know we're paralyzed, our energy is drained and we spend more time doing the mundane things we hate or hiding out playing video games or on the computer.

So, I close this post and go back to my mat to finish my sequence so that I can move forward in my passion: Teaching yoga. After that, some time with my karate, another passion of mine. After that...mundane stuff, here I come!



  1. Thanks for inviting me, Sue. I can surely relate to the thing called procrastination. There are times when I think it should be my middle name.

    Newsletter deadline? Oh heck; that can wait till tomorrow. What, it already is tomorrow? Well then, what's another day? I'll get to it the day after!

  2. Love you style. I'm looking forwar to more. Keep it coming.