Sunday, January 12, 2014

Change is Hard and Transitions are Even Harder

When I am making big changes in my life, either by choice or by circumstance, I want  to make them all at once.  I've come to realize that I feel that way because I don't like the transition period of change.  It's uncomfortable!  I want my New Normal and I want it yesterday.  I don't like having to stop and think about implementing the new procedure.  It disrupts my flow.  I want to move from one thing to another smoothly and easily and I can't do that during transition.  I have to stop and, well, think.

I want all of my routines to flow smoothly like a river but, really, rivers don't flow smoothly, do they?  They are always bumping into something, be it the shore, rocks, plants, logs, fish, people, animals, etc.

What does the river do when it bumps into something?  Two things:  1) It flows around the obstacle, sometimes slowly, sometimes crashing through with great energy  and 2) it slowly works at wearing away those obstacles that are immovable.

As my path is impeded by obstacles, I must flow around them, I must crash through them and I must slowly whittle away at them.   The wisdom comes when one knows which tactic to employ for each obstacle.  This comes from being present and mindful, accepting and peaceful.

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